Use new logging flags when running the Ansible and Helm operators

The Ansible and Helm operators now use controller-runtime’s zap package to define logging flags.

The --zap-sample and --zap-time-encoding flag have been removed since they are not present in controller-runtime’s flagset. These flags are no longer supported.

The --zap-level flag is called --zap-log-level now. Rename any usage of --zap-level to --zap-log-level

See #3596 for more details.

Core Ansible and Helm operator logic moved to run subcommand

If you are using the ansible-operator and helm-operator binaries directly, update your usage to call ansible-operator run and helm-operator run (e.g. in your Makefile’s make run target).

If you are using the base image and you are not overriding the operator entrypoint, no change is necessary because the base image has been updated to call the run subcommand by default.

See #3596 for more details.

Rename --update-crds flag to --update-objects in generate packagemanifests invocations

This flag has been renamed to account for all objects that can be written to the package directory, ex. Roles.

See #3610 for more details.

Update scorecard API Go import paths

The scorecard v1alpha3 API has been moved to a separate repo. Update your Go import paths: From: github.com/operator-framework/operator-framework/pkg/apis/scorecard/v1alpha3 To: github.com/operator-framework/api/pkg/apis/scorecard/v1alpha3

See #3622 for more details.

Package version is no longer public

It is no longer possible to import package version. To determine the version of operator-sdk, run operator-sdk version.

See #3617 for more details.

Remove --operator-name from scripts

The --operator-name flag has been removed from generate bundle and generate packagemanifests subcommands. Remove this flag from your scripts, and make sure the project-name key is set in your PROJECT file. If this key is not set, the current working directory’s base name will be used.

See #3530 for more details.

Create resources manually that were passed to run packagemanifests --include-paths

The run packagemanifests subcommand no longer has the --include-paths flag to create additional resources. Instead, use kubectl apply -f <paths> before invoking run packagemanifests.

See #3599 for more details.

Change the run packagemanifests flag --operator-version to --version

--operator-version is now --version.

See #3599 for more details.

Remove --olm-namespace from run packagemanifests invocations

OLM namespace is no longer required by this command.

See #3601 for more details.

Change the run packagemanifests flag --operator-namespace to --namespace

--operator-namespace is now --namespace.

See #3601 for more details.