operator-sdk run packagemanifests

operator-sdk run packagemanifests

Deploy an Operator in the package manifests format with OLM


‘run packagemanifests’ deploys an Operator’s package manifests with OLM. The command’s argument must be set to a valid package manifests root directory, ex. ‘<project-root>/packagemanifests’.

operator-sdk run packagemanifests [flags]


  -h, --help                  help for packagemanifests
      --install-mode string   InstallMode to create OperatorGroup with. Format: InstallModeType[=ns1,ns2[, ...]]
      --kubeconfig string     The file path to kubernetes configuration file. Defaults to location specified by $KUBECONFIG, or to default file rules if not set
      --namespace string      The namespace where operator resources are created. It must already exist in the cluster
      --timeout duration      Time to wait for the command to complete before failing (default 2m0s)
      --version string        Packaged version of the operator to deploy

Options inherited from parent commands

      --verbose   Enable verbose logging